Knowledge for our common future

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Knowledge to Transform Our Common FutureBerkshire Publishing Group; Berkshire Publishing Group 2012WorldCatēLibraryThingēGoogle BooksēBookFinder I am proud of this huge set, this treasure library of knowledge, but awed, too, by just how much more there is to know, and how much work there is for all of us who are working to

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Tenaciously Tackling Copyright and Licensing

The company I own, Berkshire Publishing Group, conducts a lot of business in China, so Iím always being asked about intellectual property rights (IPR). I’ve learned that many people equate China with piracy, and stories float around the academic world about bookstore shelves filled with unauthorized copies of monographs and popular nonfiction titles. In fact,

Eating Chinese food in China

†Portraits on the wall of a Xinjiang restaurant in BeijingWhile my bath is running - a hot bath followed by lemon-ginger tea and melatonin being my current Time Adjustment Treatment - I'll just note the important events of a first day in Beijing. A Saturday, for the first time, and I've discovered that it is

The London Book Fair (and how this blog began)

I made my first trip to the London Book Fair in 2004. I was there as a new independent publisher and was rushing around to to publishing events, but I also had a meeting scheduled with MQ Publications, a gift-book company with a fast-talking editor who had persuaded me to sign a contract to write