Eating Chinese food in China

†Portraits on the wall of a Xinjiang restaurant in BeijingWhile my bath is running - a hot bath followed by lemon-ginger tea and melatonin being my current Time Adjustment Treatment - I'll just note the important events of a first day in Beijing. A Saturday, for the first time, and I've discovered that it is

January News: Happy Happy New Year

I stopped at the Great Barrington Bagel Company as the first hot bagels were being tumbled into bins. Waiting for the tray of my favorite bagel - the Tornado, named for the 1995 tornado that tore up a swath of East Mountain starting just several hundred yards from the store - I listened to the

My days with SIIA

I'm sketching out new ventures for Berkshire Publishing, which means digging through old notes. I came across this e-mail from Ed Keating, VP of the Content Division at the Software & Information Industry Association, which I kept with my business plans because it makes me smile and reminds me of what really counts, and of