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“What the Internet is Hiding from You” – @nybooks

Sue Halpern's articles in the New York Review of Books are thought-provoking introductions to aspects of science and technological development that I need to know about, and this essay is relevant to human relationships, the subject of A Smaller Circle: Anonymity, which flourishes where there is no individual accountability, is one of its key features,

Two cultures, new cultures

I just went back to something I wrote four years ago in Shanghai, working on a letter about my early days in publishing and how they shaped what Berkshire Publishing Group is becoming today, and found that I was writing then about community as well as about my October letter's subject: the "two cultures" and

Google Earth as a community?

I don't know that I'd agree about this being a community, but an interesting use of the word at the Ecology of Education blog: Google Earth, on the flip side, is less of a product, and more of a community, as in this Google Earth Blog. Ecology, by the way, means the study of communities.

“Finding My People” Ė Online Communities

I have no idea what iClone is, but there is a note I recognize here and it's interesting to see someone writing about their desire to find a community, and their using online algorithms in the process. Finding My People Ė Online Communities | The Undisclosed Studio Blog. I came across this thanks to Google