Save the Planet? Who, Me?

What can I do to make a difference? Youíd be surprised at how much professional environmentalists hate this question. They wish they could answer it, but they really donít know. Instead, they talk about policy changes and government initiatives, tax incentives and corporate governance. (Note: The text in this post comes from the Armchair Environmentalist,

Constant Gardens for New York

I belonged to a community garden as a teenager in Palo Alto and had an allotment in London, so it's easy for me to see the story behind this story in the New York Times. Things don't always work perfectly between people, even in the garden. (Remember that the Biblical creation story is set in

Food for body and soul

I was doing a little weeding today and under the cauliflowers found a lot of reddish plants that I realized were young amaranth plants, small because they're shaded by the cauli leaves. I count on the amaranth to reseed itself every year. It grows to six feet and has strange dangling furry red flowers and

Sea to shining sea

Second day of spring garden clean-up. I found this a surprising activity when I moved to New England: raking in the springtime? But now I am an old-timer and know that the tide of winter recedes here slowly and leaving much debris behind. Branches and leaves, mostly, but also clumps of sod, thrown up by

First flowers

I followed one of our cats, Jelly, outside this morning. There's almost no snow left, and we've all been talking about spring this week because it's been so warm (it's going to be painful when winter comes back). I bent to pick up a plastic wrapper from my sunny border, which faces east, and saw