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Flowers in the Depths of Winter

Orchids are tougher than I am! The snow is still deep and it is bitterly cold outside. It is cold in the house, too, dropping to 55 Fahrenheit at night, and perhaps even lower near the windows. But two of the orchid plants have new shoots with flower buds. Incredible!!! What are they thinking? This

Train visions

I was 19 years old the first time I rode a train, and in a foreign country. England doesnít seem very foreign to me now, but I was young and there were so many little things to negotiate, from knowing to ask for a ďreturnĒ ticket to the ďlean out the window and turn the

This Sporting Life

My mother, the bowling league champ and Sierra Club hiker, still looks bemused when I talk about sports. She doesnít think sheís ever participated in sports, and she no more associates me with sports than with diamond mining. As a child I stayed inside to read. In junior high I used a broken leg as

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A Smaller Circle

I have wanted to use this story about the ducks in Boulder creek for years, and doing so in a UK magazine called Resurgence/Ecologist really brought things full circle. I was living in Boulder when I was asked to write the only other thing Iíve ever contributed to Resurgence, ďDonít Call Me A Green Consumer.Ē