QR codes in China

One thing you can't miss in China is the QR codes on every advertisement and practically every document. The use of WeChat, a Chinese social networking app that is used by everyone, old and young, for personal and professional communication, is what drives the use of QR codes, I was told. It's a essential part

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Shanxi ?? noodles in Beijing

I first tasted these honeycomb oat noodles near the Summer Palace on a cold December day a couple of years ago. I tried to find instructions for making them, and assumed that the tubes of dough were extruded and then cut into lengths, like an Italian pasta. But I now see that they are hand-shaped.

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Encyclopedia + jiaozi

Here we are, the core design, composition, and editorial team! For more photos from the party, visit us at Flickr. The photos there are captioned with everyone's name. For now, maybe you want to guess who's the design genius, who's the nice person on the phone, who checked all the Chinese. And notice who's got

Was Töfood töo töo convincing?

I'm rather disappointed. People seem to have believed my April Fools Day joke. Tom says this means it was really good, but I'm not so sure. Anyhow, here it is for anyone who missed it, and do click that link at the end of the paragraph. China introduces global food sensation: Töfood An innovative Chinese