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Vibrant boosterism

Thomas Frank is the author of the bestseller What's the Matter with Kansas? and coeditor of The Baffler. I just came across "Dead End on Shakiní Street," in which he takes on a kind of contemporary boosterism that all too many people fall for. Just call us vibrant (or creative) and an amazing number of

The sounds of music on The Hill in Great Barrington

Neighborly harmony is a thing devotedly to be wished for. It is not easy to achieve, and I've read plenty in the course of my research on community about battles over hedges (a huge issue in the UK), loud music, and lawn and garden housekeeping. It's easy to avoid neighbors today. I know someone who

Walking to the shops makes life better

It often takes an outside eye to help one see things close at hand. Last night, a friend came to my house for supper. I'd made a rhubarb crumble, and mentioned that it really should be served with ice cream. Everyone agreed, and my daughter said, in the most ordinary way, "I'll go get some

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Say Hello To 5 Strangers Today

Here's a blog post from "One Green Generation" about community building that offers a specific suggestion: Say Hello To 5 Strangers Today. I've pasted part of the post and a few of the comments here. The consistent point, as you'll see, is that we have lost a sense of community that used to exist as

How to Build an Online Community | Cisionblog

Or not. This extract, "How to Build an Online Community," comes from a website for PR people, from a company that sells what is, I'm sure, a fantastic (and thus expensive) database of media people: A community is more than just a one-time marketing campaign. Itís more than Twitter followers and Facebook fans; itís a

“Only connect. . .” – Howards End by E M Forster

I found an old copy of Howards End on my bookshelves after reading a reference to its epigram, "Only connect. . ." Connecting is on my mind, working on this project and on my company's, and of course in life, too. I remembered the green paperback amongst my myriad books, poetry and novels from