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Computer dictation tips, a homemade ice pack, and a warning about yaktrax

I’m one of the many casualties of the Winter of 2014, dealing with the aftermath of a FOOSH – a Fracture On Out Stretched Hand. The upside is that I’ve learned a lot about voice recognition software and about occupational therapy. I’ve learned to use  Dragon Dictation (free version) on my iPad and  Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition

This Sporting Life

My mother, the bowling league champ and Sierra Club hiker, still looks bemused when I talk about sports. She doesn’t think she’s ever participated in sports, and she no more associates me with sports than with diamond mining. As a child I stayed inside to read. In junior high I used a broken leg as

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Aside: this website banner was designed for a printing press

The banner on this website was scanned from a compliments slip - a standard piece of British stationery, to be included in envelopes with anything other than a letter - that was made for me on a letterpress  when I was writing my first book, nearly 25 years ago. I lived in Camberwell, in south

The search for bean sprouts

One of my latest favorite recipes is Chinese peanut and sesame noodles, made with wholewheat fettuccine and served cold with lots of chopped vegetables. And, in a perfect world, with those crisp pale bean sprouts that are ubiquitous in Chinese food and in supermarkets on the west coast. I've lived on the east coast for