QR codes in China

One thing you can't miss in China is the QR codes on every advertisement and practically every document. The use of WeChat, a Chinese social networking app that is used by everyone, old and young, for personal and professional communication, is what drives the use of QR codes, I was told. It's a essential part

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Typographic malapropisms

My favorite typo is a kind of malapropism: "Beset, Karen" instead of "Best, Karen." It seems all too appropriate some afternoons. I liked this message, too, received from someone coming to New York for BEA next week: "Dear Karen, thanks for your message. I'm looking forward to meeting with some fiends there, including you."

Golden harbinger of spring

The winter aconite is always the first sign of spring in my garden in Great Barrington, even before the snowdrops, and definitely before the robins. The snowbanks are gradually melting, but the lawn and garden remain covered in snow. I planted tiny aconite bulbs in the wooded bank that gets afternoon sun, and they provide a sweep

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10 Favorite Tech Tools

Order is part of the good life, and I confess to a life-long obsession with getting organizing. I still have my copy of the first modern bestseller on time management, How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, which I bought when it first came out in 1973. (Bill Clinton bought it, too,

  • Appalachian Trail


I make lists and I make resolutions. And I make them all the time, not just on December 31st.This summer I resolved to become a hiker – or, in British parlance, a “good walker.” I live in the right place. The Appalachian Trail runs through the town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and winds back and

  • happy bag

Happy Bags in Japan

I’ll be writing soon about my amazing two day trip to Japan this past weekend, but for now thought I would post a picture I took in Tokyo.