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10 Practical Ways to Green Your Home

I have often been asked to define the most important thing an individual can do, and I've never liked the question because the answer is, "It depends." On where you live, how you live, whom you live with, and how much time and especially how much money you have. I prefer to talk about principles

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Brown Bread (Grant Loaf)

Makes 3 loaves Brown Bread (Grant Loaf)   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 1 hour   The famous "Grant loaf" created during World War II to enable English cooks to make a healthy, wholesome loaf with local wheat, instead of wheat imported from the United States. This bread is

Nappies, diapers, and Chinese “split” trousers

I came across a remarkably detailed post at The Thrift Store Cloth Diaper Project about how to make your own cloth diapers from thrift store finds and got to thinking about nappies, not a subject on my mind these days when grandparenthood is still off in the future. But as I wrote in a section

Thai edition

Thai edition Originally uploaded by KarenChristensen. This is an inside spread of the Thai edition: what a gorgeous, curvy script!


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Catalogue season

This is the time of year when catalogues pile up on the table in our front hall, ironic really because it's a Shaker table--"It's a gift to be simple, it's a gift to be free." But the Shakers were shrewd marketers themselves, and now that I co-own a publishing company, I have much more sympathy