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Shanxi ?? noodles in Beijing

I first tasted these honeycomb oat noodles near the Summer Palace on a cold December day a couple of years ago. I tried to find instructions for making them, and assumed that the tubes of dough were extruded and then cut into lengths, like an Italian pasta. But I now see that they are hand-shaped.

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Local pricing, or How much will a New Yorker pay?

Cornstalks by front porch I went to Taft Farms yesterday because I love to decorate the porch with cornstalks, hokey as it is, and with those jewel-like bundles of red and gold Indian corn. I spotted a bunch of cornstalks leaning against the wall around the side of the building. No price, but

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Knowledge for our common future

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Knowledge to Transform Our Common FutureBerkshire Publishing Group; Berkshire Publishing Group 2012WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder I am proud of this huge set, this treasure library of knowledge, but awed, too, by just how much more there is to know, and how much work there is for all of us who are working to

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Happy Bags in Japan

I’ll be writing soon about my amazing two day trip to Japan this past weekend, but for now thought I would post a picture I took in Tokyo.

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Computer dictation tips, a homemade ice pack, and a warning about yaktrax

I’m one of the many casualties of the Winter of 2014, dealing with the aftermath of a FOOSH – a Fracture On Out Stretched Hand. The upside is that I’ve learned a lot about voice recognition software and about occupational therapy. I’ve learned to use  Dragon Dictation (free version) on my iPad and  Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition

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Flowers in the Depths of Winter

Orchids are tougher than I am! The snow is still deep and it is bitterly cold outside. It is cold in the house, too, dropping to 55 Fahrenheit at night, and perhaps even lower near the windows. But two of the orchid plants have new shoots with flower buds. Incredible!!! What are they thinking? This