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QR codes in China

wechat-qrOne thing you can’t miss in China is the QR codes on every advertisement and practically every document. The use of WeChat, a Chinese social networking app that is used by everyone, old and young, for personal and professional communication, is what drives the use of QR codes, I was told. It’s a essential part of advertising. Scan the QR code at a restaurant and you’ll get a special offer. While business meetings begin, as always, with an exchange of business cards, they now end with WeChat connections, made by scanning one another’s personal QR code. You can find people on WeChat using their names, but that’s an unfamiliar process, and I’m now thinking of adding this image, my personal QR code, to the email signature when I write to Chinese contacts. If you’re on WeChat, let’s connect! I can be found at WeChat as karen_christensen, or hiding in this sunflower.

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