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Recommended: Doug Green’s garden newsletter

I learned about Doug when I bought a book on cold-climate rose growing, and now I look forward to his very personal and amusing newsletters, which come every Saturday morning (most impressive!) except for a brief hiatus now. If you garden anywhere but at the equator, I’m sure you’ll find good ideas in Doug’s books and articles, and enjoy his good humor.

Here are some articles at that caught my eye this morning:

Frugal Gardening – this entire section (all seven pages of it) was rebuilt and uploaded. There are some really great ideas here and all of these pages are linked at the bottom so you can move easily between them. I added the final note on my garden landscaping for 2013

An article on Garden Fitness and why if you garden, you don’t need a gym membership

Six Options for No-Dig Gardening

My favorite: “Gardening Fitness: How To Avoid The Santa Suit and Fit Into That Bathing Suit.”

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