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No Styrofoam here in Great Barrington

I just wrote this embarrassing message to my neighborhood email list. I have lived in Great Barrington since 1992 and can’t believe I’ve never heard anyone mention a ban on Styrofoam, but I can’t remember seeing any Styrofoam around either. There was a storm of protest when cigarettes were banned in restaurants and I remember that clearly enough – and I remember all the packets of cigarettes I saw, with people’s hands resting lightly on top, when I went into a place frequented by old-timers. Here’s what I wrote to my neighbors:

Does anyone know about our ban on Styrofoam? I had no idea that GB was a role model in this as in other things, even though this is the kind of thing I am acutely aware of. I guess I just thought that stores and restaurants here had better taste than most. Is this common knowledge that had simply eluded me? In any case, I thought you all would like to see GB mentioned in a Boston Globe article (thanks to Eileen Mooney for the link).

Brookline Town Meeting bans Styrofoam coffee, takeout containers

Dunkin’ Donuts and other restaurants that serve hot coffee in plastic foam cups will have to use an alternative cup in Brookline beginning in December of 2013. “It seems to me that the environmental effects are reason enough to ban this stuff,” said Nancy Heller, the Town Meeting member who proposed the ban.

The ban on polystyrene food and beverage containers comes as Town Meeting is also considering this week a proposal to prohibit some retail establishments from issuing customers disposable plastic check-out bags unless the shopping bags are compostable and marine-degradable.

Heller proposed the ban on disposable polystyrene containers after learning about a similar ban that has been on the books in Great Barrington, MA, since 1990.

Cheers, Karen.

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