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How to Build an Online Community | Cisionblog

Or not. This extract, “How to Build an Online Community,” comes from a website for PR people, from a company that sells what is, I’m sure, a fantastic (and thus expensive) database of media people:

A community is more than just a one-time marketing campaign. Itís more than Twitter followers and Facebook fans; itís a place for members to talk to each other and it can sustain itself. It can help you throughout the life of your company if you take the time to grow it correctly.Here are six steps to get started: Know your audience. What does your community care about? How do they communicate? Where do they hang out? Who are the influencers and engagers? If youíre building a community around a specific product, who is already talking about it? To find the answers, ask questions! Engage with your audience to determine what they want, need and desire. via How to Build an Online Community | Cisionblog.

I feel sad, thinking that some people really belief that this kind of affiliation, cultivated for commercial reasons, is what community means. It makes me feel a little tawdry, too, for having talked and written about “building community” at conferences, and I just hope I didn’t make it sound so calculated.

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