Being Neighborly

Being Neighborly

Some interesting, thoughtful posts about neighborliness at this blog. But I wish the author’s tone wasn’t quite so strident about copyright – I don’t suppose there are as many people as she thinks out to steal her prose. I’m all for copyright, naturally, as a publisher and author – but let’s lighten up. Good practice in neighborly relationships, too, don’t you think?

In this age of texting and Skyping, email and Facebook, we have what I call the illusion of connection, but I believe many people crave deeper connections with each other. More neighborly connections. Quiet moments where people who may not share any kind of common past can share a street, can know each other enough to agree to take in each otherís mail, to water each otherís flowers, to feed each otherís pets, maybe watch each otherís children, share each otherís joys and ó if it feels right ó extend themselves during times of sorrow. In the very least, they can wave hello.

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