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Bulletin boards, real & virtual

I was dashing out for a walk before darkness fell but a couple walking up Castle Street waylaid me by crossing the street to introduce themselves. This is what community life is like – we can’t do everything on our own schedules. But there’s a big upside. I not only met two neighbors, but heard that they are happy about the bulletin board I put up on the corner of my property, at Castle and Hollenbeck, and that they like the email list (a virtual bulletin board or BBS) even more. I explained that I got the idea for a board from my London neighborhood, and here you can see photos of the board in Camberwell and the new one, 3,000 miles away in Great Barrington.

Later, after watching the beautiful moonrise from Knob Hill, I decided I should write a message explaining how to use the list. Embarrassingly, I discovered that I hadn’t set up the email footer that provides basic information about how the list works. I wrote:

Please do use the email list yourself to send out news items, questions, offers, or requests. Ellie Johnston, our new intern at Berkshire Publishing, found an apartment thanks to the list, and I’m sure lots of good things can come of it. Someone’s promised a posting about the current town proposal for Main Street improvements, for example.

Here’s how: Write to everyone simply by addressing an email to TheHillGB@googlegroups.com. Or go to the webpage for the group, http://groups.google.com/group/thehillgb, and choose “new post.”

If you need help, do let me know. And if you are technically inclined and would like to help moderate this group and develop the webpage, do let me know. Further notes about using, and subscribing or unsubscribing to, the group are below.

Finally, please forward this to neighbors who probably don’t yet know about the list so they can subscribe.

Cheers, Karen.

P.S. We’ve realized that the bulletin board needs a cover for protection from rain and snow, so if you’re one of the people whose notices got water-logged, please be ready to replace them with a dry version soon. Joe Bozza, who kindly built the bulletin board, is going to come up with a cover for us.

You received this message because you are subscribed to the “TheHillGB” Google Group. To send an email to everyone in the group, address your email to thehillgb@googlegroups.com. When you hit Reply, you’ll also have the option to write only to the original author of a message. To unsubscribe from this group, send email to thehillgb+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. For more options and information, visit TheHillGB page at http://groups.google.com/group/thehillgb?hl=en. If you send a message and it doesn’t appear in your inbox (as a member of the group), it may have been caught in Google’s very slow spam filtering system. In that case, write directly, please, to karen@berkshirepublishing.com.

By the way, I still managed to take my walk as a huge full moon rose over East Mountain and the valley in which Great Barrington sits. I met Bill Siever, project coordinator at Berkshire Publishing, and his wife Amy coming down from Knob Hill. We’re getting to be more and more local and more global at the same time – four Berkshire staffers live in the neighborhood, while we also have people in Maine, Beijing, and London.

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