The loss of a sense of community is by no means a British problem–it’s a global challenge. This article makes me more appreciative than ever of “my” London neighborhood, Camberwell, where I frequently dropped in on people, and where I, years later,  continue to socialize with my (former) neighbors. From “The rise of the next door stranger”:

Everybody needs good neighbours – but millions of Britons distrust theirs and are more friendly with online friends, new research has revealed.

More than one quarter (27%) admit to feeling suspicious of those who live near them, while almost half (44%) feel they do not share the same values as them, the poll showed.

Most people (59%) believe they have little in common with their neighbours, making it unsurprising that the majority (61%) never socialise with them.

The study, called Next Door Strangers and carried out by Legal & General, paints a picture of a nation whose sense of community is disappearing.

via The Press Association: The rise of the next door stranger.