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Air travel is the most energy-intensive of all, and is definitely to be avoided when possible. But I’m afraid that I’ve been crossing the Atlantic–it’s hard to run an international business without doing some of this type of travel–so I thought I’d share some health tips from The Armchair Environmentalist‘s chapter on Greener Transport. More about ways to avoid excessive travel to come!

Wing Tips
• When you arrive at your destination, spend as much time as possible in daylight. Doing this will enable your internal clock to reset itself, and you’ll recover from jet lag more quickly. (Sex helps, too!)
• Wear sunblock.
• Avoid dehydration: Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, and bring along a spray bottle of water to keep your skin moist.
• Breathe deeply to increase your oxygen intake.
• Take shorter flights. And if you have a chance to get off the plane, do so—jog or walk around the airport, or go outside for some fresh air.
• Ring ahead to order vegetarian meals.
• You see more wasteful packaging and disposable products on aeroplanes than anywhere else—decline all the overpackaged extras, and write to the airline asking that it institute better environmental policies.

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