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Seed and plant sources

Here’s an amazing story, published yesterday and drawn to my attention by an email from one of my favorite nurseries. I discovered the Catskill Native Nursery only because it’s down the road from my father-in-law’s cottage and it’s the unpredictability of their emails I enjoy: sometimes it’s a nursery event, but at other times, like this, it’s the local sighting of a rare butterfly, or an eagle, or yesterday’s news story that a bird thought extinct for 60 years, the ivory-billed woodpecker, has been seen and filmed in a remote part of Arkansas: “Long Thought Extinct, Ivory-billed Woodpecker Rediscovered In Big Woods Of Arkansas.”

Here are some of my favorite seed companies:
Renee’s Seeds Started by the woman who founded Shepherd’s Seeds in nearby Connecticut, I’ve just started buying here because Renee’s has the best of the old Shepherd’s catalogue—a cook’s sensibility and enthusiasm and beautiful design, too.
Select Seeds This is a briliant source of heirloom flowers, both seeds and plants. I especially like the fact that so many of these flowers reseed themselves each year; a good thing, too, as I seem to have almost everything in the catalogue on my Try This list.
Nichol’s Garden Nursery Organic seeds, plants, and supplies of all kinds. They’ve been organic for 30 years, and have a great selection of mesclun blends and Asian greens.

For gardening information and recommendations, I’ve just come across Dave’s Garden and think it’s fantastic, though so far I haven’t had anywhere near enough time to explore its pathways.

Thinking locally, a couple of sources here in the Berkshires:
Eastern Native Seed Conservancy
Project Native Plants

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