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Winter’s here, and it’s cold in the Berkshires. We have a big Victorian house and the only reason our oil bills are fairly low is that we keep it so damned cold.

When we first got an adjustable thermostat (something I definitely recommend) I set the temperature to 60°F day and night, which is what I recommended in my first book. Then I set it to drop to 55° at night.

Somehow the settings got messed up this year so we’re at 55° all the time. Though the kids complained a little, no one has realized that the setting is different from last year. I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut (and put on another sweater!). Our supply of soft woolly blankets is crucial. I bought eight inexpensive yoga blankets from Fishcrane and we use them all the time, while watching TV, reading, and even sitting at the computer. This is definitely scrooge mothering, but we’re all healthy, we’re saving money, and we’re being Green, too. And we have plenty of reason to snuggle up!

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