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Karen Christensen is a publisher and writer specializing in sustainability, social networking, and China. She has been interviewed by major media outlets as an outspoken critic of Amazon.com, and often speaks about copyright, online communities, and global education.

Valerie Fletcher Eliot, born this day in 1926

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Today would be Valerie Fletcher Eliot’s 90th birthday. I’ve been thinking about the reserved girl whose schoolmates I’ve visited in different parts of England over the past two years. I have met wonderful old ladies

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The article I wrote for Valerie Eliot about novelist Djuna Barnes

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Valerie Eliot agonized about writing anything. It drove me crazy. There was, for example, a footnote about a reference to “charflappers” in a letter from T. S. Eliot (TSE) to his American publisher Scofield Thayer

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The rapturous consciousness of life beyond self

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I decided to reread the novel Middlemarch by George Eliot because it is considered one of the great depictions of community life, and when I read it last, probably as a teenager, I wasn't thinking

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Whole-fruit marmalade

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We often order a box of grapefruit at Christmas. I had opened the last jar of homemade marmalade in early December and it is also the season in Florida for Seville oranges, the ugly, bitter